Ethereum rises new time high $257

The ethereum spring continues as the currency makes new highs daily recently, rising beyond $250 from a recent low of around $150. It is dragging everything else up too, including bitcoin which has not yet made a high after its drastic $1,000 correction around 10 days ago.

The currency is rising for many reasons, but maybe this time Putin dunit as the Kremlin is boasting Putin met Vitalik Buterin to talk about blockchains.
We don’t know what exactly was said, but we can imagine Buterin probably spoke at around 1,000 miles per hour, in Russian, while fidgeting and occasionally trying to catch some breath in a hiccup way, while Putin probably just smiled and nodded, saying something like, yes, sure, we support “the idea of establishing ties with possible Russian partners,” while actually wondering something like – erm, what did this guy just say?
Although, he must have been impressed because Kremlin was keen to point out they met, first through the Press Secretary, then through Kremlin’s official website which says little more than what the Press Secretary had already stated. That may implicitly suggest Putin or the Kremlin sees the fact they met as reflecting very well.
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