10 facts about bitcoin you probably didn’t know (part1)


Top 10 cryptocurrency facts you  probably didn’t know

I wont  fill you with some boring post or bore you  with  the Pizza/ 10,000 btc story, am here to give you some intrusive facts   about bitcoin your probably didn’t know. After watching about 10 YouTube videos(you can ask for link in comment), am please to highlight top 10 bitcoin fact which i think you
might deem worthy of your time. Add this to your knowledge base. Apart from  10,000 BTC exchanged for a Pizza and  the hard drive wallet which contain bitcoin worth 7500 btc (4 million euro) lost in Newport Landfill site, take a look at this intriguing fact..

1. Thailand is the first country to ban bitcoin
Thailand became the first country to ban bitcoin in July 2013, among the list of other countries that have consider bitcoin illegal are Vietnam, Iceland, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, China,
Sweden, Nigeria, Russia and Taiwan.
Note:: Bitcoin are currently been used in most of the country mentioned  above.

2. Wikileaks( the Non-profit whistle blower uses bitcoin as source of  donation). 
Shortly after the release of  classified US Diplomatic cable in  November 2010, all donations to the organization through major payment gateway like PayPal, western union, Visa, MasterCard and Bank of  America where blocked in a bid to cutoff 95% of the organization revenue. This lead to the adoption of bitcoin and litecoin by Wikileaks as a means of donation.
Wikileaks main bitcoin receiving address (blockchain.info) has recorded over 26,085 transaction and received over 4,024.06133063 BTC. This is just an estimate value as donors can generate a new address for sending donations.

3. Bitcoin mining network
The bitcoin mining network computers are 250 times faster and more powerful than the world’s top 500 super computers combined. The supply  of bitcoin is finite and total of 21 million bitcoin are in circulation of which 15, 725,650 btc  have been mined
Source: Total Bitcoin

4. Speculatory meaning of SATOSHI NAKAMOTO
when i first came across the name Satoshi Nakamoto in bitcoin,  as a newbie and as an explorer, i was determined to read more about it and make more research . i searched through the lurks and cranes of bitcoin forums, bitcoin news site, social media and  different search engine trying to find an answer
but i got deeper in the  puzzle of uncertainty.
Below where some of the more intrusive puzzle i came across

  • Speculations that the name Satoshi Nakamoto derives from these four names: SAmsung, TOSHIba, NAKAmichi MOTOrola. Funny right.
  • The phrase SATOSHI NAKAMOTO can be an anagram of “CASH MINER, TOO BASIC TO KNOT A RATIO.
  •  Speculations that Satoshi Nakamoto show ties with CIA Japanese names are presented with the surname first, this would make it Nakamoto Satoshi [sic] In Japanese , Nakamoto means “central origin”, while Satoshi means “clear thinking, quick witted,, wise”, i.e intelligent. The name can therefore be translated to mean “Central Intelligent”

These are just a few, among many others.. But the fact still remain that what you believe to be Satoshi Nakamoto today is still  a speculation…

5. The largest bitcoin transaction 
The largest bitcoin transaction ever made on the Blockchain contains 194,933 BTC, which at that time was worth around £114 million

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