Cryptogene: Africa’s Blockchain Startup

Cryptogene, a new blockchain startup has been launched in Nigeria with the sole aim of bringing blockchain technology to the mainstream of Nigeria through education where members will learn and get acquitted to the emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Cryptogene was launched on Dec  14 2016, by Bashir Aminu as I would like to call him a cryptocurrency freak. The community hopes to create a learning community where African’s can easily dive into the booming cryptocurrency ecosystem.

At Cryptogene, our aim is to provide blockchain solutions, especially for African countries. We are a vibrant community dedicated to promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology – it’s adoption and implementation. Our goal is to bring blockchain technology mainstream. We assist individuals and businesses willing to develop solutions based on blockchain technology or to explore its potential impact. In a decentralized and community-focused way.
Cryptogene aims at a multi-platform hub that enables learning, usage, and development of blockchain tools for individual purposes as well as organizations. The Cryptogene project will be tokenized so as to keep the interest aroused in the hearts of users while CGT will be the base currency.

Educate >>>>> Adopt >>>>>> Implement
Cryptogene is building a hub which would bring blockchain technology mainstream through education, enlightenment and implementation devices with the application of blockchain tools by making quality products available to interested individuals

The Cryptogene team comprises of highly skilled and intelligent individuals who constantly work towards making the platform a standard hub for community members to understand the essentials of the technology, provide an establishment to investors and traders and also deliver a platform which would assist members to easily develop or incorporate blockchain in their businesses.

Bashir Aminu  ———– Founder
Kolawole Asaolu ———– Co-Founder
Orewole Hakeem Adeyemi—- —-Smart Contracts
AbdulHafiz Ahmed ——–Co-Founder
Ruth Iselema——–Project Manager
Elisha Akyaw——–Head of Marketing

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