DAO Casino and True Flip Announce Partnership!

cryptomartez.com DAO Casino and True Flip Announce Partnership!
DAO Casino and True Flip Partnership

cryptomartez.com DAO Casino and True Flip Announce Partnership!

It May Be No Coincidence
True Flip was at the iGaming convention last week in Amsterdam . DAO. Casino, and True Flip team announced an upcoming partnership between the two.
The partnership between the two is probably no coincidence up, one being that they are in the same space and some synergy could be had there, and also the fact that they were next to each other all week at the convention.
The Details of The Partnership

Response From True Flip

“As we’re aimed to provide the ultimate user experience for those playing at True Flip, the general idea of extending our product line was stated to be among the first major improvements following the crowdsale. It has become clear that True Flip and the team behind DAO.Casino have a mutual interest, so we move on with our Roadmap goals using this chance to rapidly implement the partner’s prominently crafted solution. Thanks to the success of True Flip’s ongoing crowdsale, now we’re ready to boost the planned improvements process”, – said Nikita Parhomenko, True Flip’s COO.

Response From The DAO. Casion Team 

“The DAO.Casino’s protocol was created to provide the necessary level of decentralization for the businesses seeking this. True Flip is one good example of the benefits given by such partnerships. As we provide this team with a sustainable back-end solution to maintain one of it’s gaming options, it’s going to become a good showcase of the opportunities that DAO.Casino provides to it’s partners. We look forward to making this partnership a truly win-win for our both teams”, – stated Ilya Tartuov, DAO.Casino CEO.

My Take I think this only validates my position on True Flip being a “First Mover” in the space and having the opportunity to reap the rewards from such move. The partnership between the two will not only give DAO. Casino a robust Lottery system to implement and offer to their clients quickly, but also give True Flip access to a whole new group of customers. Ultimately, this will increase ticket sales for True Flip and make their token holders very very happy!

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