What to do if poloniex support is not responding

In this article, you can find out what to do when Poloniex technical support is not responding.
In recent months, there has been an unpleasant trend in the support of the crypto-exchange exchange Poloniex. Unanswered are dozens, if not hundreds, of users’ requests. And the logical question of what to do and how to be in a situation. There are several options that can only speed up the process of considering your treatment (ticket), applying which together can give a positive result:
  • I am sure that you have already rechecked and read several times everything that concerns or could concern the solution of your problem  . But in your place, I would double-check.
  • No matter how trite, but write one or more tickets poloniex.freshdesk.com/support
  • Think for yourself the form of treatment and write at least several times a day on the Twitter poloniex exchange .
  • Another form can be found in this case, it makes sense to send several times to the mail marketing department marketing@poloniex.com  . Here, strangely enough, they work more efficiently.


You have every right to complain and be dissatisfied. But in no case do not be rude, do not take out anger and do not show disrespect to employees of the poloniex exchange.

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All questions are solved, show restraint and patience. In most cases, problems arise due to users’ fault, and the Exchange is going to meet you. Consider that this is the largest number of hits (tickets

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