Blockchain CEO Peter Smith: Within 2 years, one of the world’s leading countries will release its own digital currency

The invited guest of the last episode This Week in Startups was CEO Blockchain Peter Smith, who talked with the lead Jason Calacanis on various topics, from the Darknet markets to the ICO on Ethereum. Smith also shared his opinion about the probability of the emergence of a government digital currency in the near future.

Also note that Blockchain is the most widely-used consumer bitcoin wallet in the world. and recently added support for ethereum.


Smith noted that he discussed this issue with Bank of England Governor Mark Kerney during the World Economic Forum. When Kalakanis asked, after what time one of the states would issue its own digital currency, Smith replied that there was not much time left to wait: “Within 24 months a large state can do it.” He added that he meant the state from the “top thirty”.

Speaking about the UK, namely Blockchain, Smith suggested that the country will become the first member of the G7, who will issue its own digital currency. However, he expressed doubts about the US, noting Washington’s unpreparedness for active actions in this area and the domination of the US dollar in the world as the main reasons that will not allow the issuance of a digital currency in the country in the coming years.

Source :  Forbes

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