Bitcoin Cash has fallen in price by 25%

The new Bitcoin Cash (BCC) cryptocurrency, which appeared as a result of the August 1 hardfrok on the bitcoin network, doubled in price in the first day of its existence and reached the third line of capitalization after bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH).

August 3, correction came, and BCC Bitcoin Cash moved to fourth place in this indicator. Today, as of 9:05 Moscow time, the virtual currency has fallen in price by 24.85%, to 350.89 dollars.

According to experts, the recent rise in the price of BCC is due to the fact that it could not be obtained independently. Besides, not all exchanges agreed to support the new cryptocurrency. Among them – the company Coinbase, which argued its decision that the new block and the associated token are incompatible with the original version of bitcoin.

After that, users of this crypto exchange started to massively leave the service, and some of them promised to file a lawsuit against Coinbase if it does not start supporting Bitcoin Cash, as its actions are similar to the non-availability of investors for shares.

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