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Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Digital

Cristiano Ronaldo Launches His Tech Company

Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Digital
Thing pink will reportedly rebrand to 7egend

Cristiano Ronaldo who is known to be an investment savvy sportsman with interests in  various ventures such as hotels and sporting gears recently he made a foray into the digital market space. Cristiano acquired majority stake in Portuguese agency ‘Thing Pink’.

The Real Madrid Ace man recently made the revelation through his various social media handles. The move will have ‘Thing pink’ rebrand as 7egend, inspired by Cristiano’s jersey number. It is expected that the agency will create a tech brand to launch its own tech products. Sources close to the Portuguese star say he is keen on making a bet in a sector that is increasingly become present in people’s everyday life.

7egend branding has already begun appearing on Thing Pink’s website which goes further to affirm the story. Social media accounts have also sprung up. Cristiano is one of the recent high profile sports men who have publicly backed digital tech ventures just as Floyd Mayweather did recently with his backing of Stox’s ICO

Thing Pink supervised the tech and digital aspects of CR7’s museum which is specifically dedicated to the football legend’s trophies.

Cristiano however won’t be the first footballer to venture the digital tech space. Brazil’s Ronaldo had stints with WPP with an ambition to learn the ways of the tech world.

Written By Emmanuel Darko
Story’s source- Thedrum

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