Crypto-currency markets set a new record 130 billion dollars

The total market capitalization of crypto-currencies today reached a new historic high: $ 130 billion, according to  CoinMarketCap .  On Monday, we reported the previous record: then the total capitalization of the Crypto-currency was $ 117 billion.

We note that, first of all, the growth of this value is connected with the inflow of capital into the market of bitcoin a, the oldest and most famous crypto currency. Over the week, its value has increased by more than 30% from $ 2,584 to $ 3,600. Accordingly, the market capitalization of BTC grew from $ 47 billion to $ 60 billion.

But the growth of total capitalization is due not only to bitcoin . Many crypto-currencies from the top ten demonstrate outstanding results. First of all, this applies to NEO (formerly Antshares), whose market capitalization exceeded $ 1 billion for the first time. 7 days ago this value was $ 550 million, and now it is about $ 1.7 billion. At the same time, the price of one NEO increased from $ 10 to $ 34.

In addition, the capitalization of IOTA increased by 700 million and now stands at $ 1.8 billion.

The capitalization of the ether, its own crypto currency, Ethereum , increased from $ 21 billion to $ 29 billion over the same period of time.

Do not forget about those who are slightly behind, but still confidently moves forward. Now we are talking about Bitcoin Cash, a recently appeared bitcoin a fork , whose market capitalization last Friday was $ 5.1 billion, and now – $ 5.4 billion.

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