FBI arrested the main savior from the cryptalker WannaCry

The malicious code researcher, who was recognized as a hero earlier this year, was arrested by the FBI for alleged involvement in the distribution of malicious software called Kronos. Marcus Hutchins, also known as @malwaretechblog, was arrested by the FBI at the airport when he left the Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas.

Hutchins, 22, is credited with playing a key and incredible role in defusing malware, known as WannaCry, because He discovered a tool that helped stop the WannaCry virus. Now he is accused of taking part in the creation and distribution of malicious programs that stole data on bank credit cards – beginning in 2014. CNN first reported that Hutchins was arrested, and Vice quickly published his indictment on the Internet and published it on DocumentCloud .

The status of Hutchins as a popular cyber hero made most of the security community rush to his defense when reports appeared that he was intercepted on his way home to London. Many questions on the charges are not clear, as well as his involvement in the creation and distribution of the banking Trojan Kronos. The charge will be presented today at 3 pm in Las Vegas

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