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GDAX: "withdrawal of Bitcoin Cash is possible only in 2018"

The GDAX exchange, managed by Coinbase, announced that it will start supporting Bitcoin Cash ("BCC" or "BCH") next year .

General Manager of the GDAX Adam White reported in the blog that after the initial decision not to support an asset that competes with bitcoin, the exchange "reviewed all related issues" and decided to add support to BCC.

After this week the group of miners broke away from the main bitcoin of the blockbuster, the Bitcoin Cash supporters switched to new and incompatible software, which changed the rules of the network, creating two different chains of transactions.

Although the exact date is not disclosed, White says that GDAX will integrate Bitcoin Cash by January 1, 2018, but on condition that "if during this time there will be no additional risks":

"After technical support work for BCC], customers will be able to withdraw BCC from GDAX. Later we will determine whether we will support the BCC trade. At the same time, all client BCCs will be safely stored on the exchange."

Coinbase takes these steps after some customers have expressed  strong dissatisfaction  due to soft-touch Bitcoin Cash, although so far the client's threats have not escalated into actual lawsuits.

White's statement, in particular, concerns only GDAX, and does not mention Coinbase's plans to service purses. Earlier, Coinbase stated that "it will not support BCC blocking and the new digital currency."

Coinbase also reports that some additional data will be published next week.

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