Hackers demand 6 million dollars in bitcoins for the stolen series of Games of Thrones

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A group of hackers acting under the nickname Mr. Smith, hacked the servers of the cable channel HBO and demanded a ransom in bitcoins, equivalent to $ 6 million, reports Bloomberg . Otherwise, they threaten to publish unreleased episodes of serials, as well as confidential information.
This was stated in the video, addressed to the Director General of HBO Richard Plepler.

Judging by the screenshots shown in the video, among the stolen mostly technical data and the list of passwords of the administrator of the network, and also, probably, drafts of five episodes of the “Game of Thrones”, including one not yet released episode, the archives of the correspondence of HBO Vice-President Leslie Cohen And other documents.

Hackers claim that by breaking networks and extorting they earn from 12 to 15 million dollars a year. On hacking the HBO network, they took six months – so they justify the required amount.

HBO officially confirmed the leakage of information on July 31.

This is not the first time that hackers demand ransom in bitcoins, believing that it will be easier to remain unrecognized. In May of this year, the ransom in crypto currency was demanded by the creators of the WannaCry virus , which infected computers around the world. They managed to collect only about 50 thousand dollars .

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