Harvard experts predict a rise in Bitcoin’s price to $ 100,000

The Bitcoin price may rise above $ 100,000 by February 2021 – that is the conclusion reached by Harvard analysts, noting that Bitcoin is the first digital currency to follow Moore’s law.

bitcoin price to reach $100,000 cryptomartez
Moore’s law was deduced by Gordon Moore, according to him (in the modern style) the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit chip doubles every 24 months. The often quoted interval of 18 months is the result of a change in the number of transistors and the speed of each of them.
“Moore’s law can be applied to any digital technology,” wrote Harvard analyst Denis Porto. “
Today, the Crypto currency is breaking all records at a price – many analysts say that SegWit technology helps to increase the price of bitcoins – earlier this year, some altcoins   also activated SegWit (for example, Litecoin), which promptly increased in price. Porto claims that the cost of bitcoins is de facto doubled every eight months since the creation of the crypto currency.
“This creates a unique opportunity for investors,” he added, which was well received in social networks.
While many well-known commentators claim that one bitcoin will cost about $ 10,000 in the next five to ten years, the price of one bitcoin will be tens of times higher. Recall that this week Max Keizer said that in his opinion bitcoin will grow to $ 5,000 in the coming months.
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