Japanese Fisco issued bonds in bitcoins

Japanese Fisco Ltd. Issued three-year bonds nominated in bitcoins in favor of another Fisco group company, Bloomberg reports.

The value of securities is about 813 thousand dollars. The coupon rate is 3%. After the maturity, bond owners will be paid 200 bitcoins.

“This is probably the first such deal in the country. One of the goals of their sale is to test the bond potential for the ability to become a useful tool for raising funds, “the company said. “It is expected that bitcoin will eventually be recognized as a financial product in accordance with national legislation. When this happens, and the active issuance of debt instruments in crypto-currencies will begin, we will be able to earn on the commission if we deal with the organization of such transactions, “they added.
Recently, some investors have turned to virtual currencies as protective assets amid fears about the escalation of the conflict between the US and the DPRK. Japan, which has made more progress than other countries in drafting legislation on digital currencies, is becoming one of the centers for experiments with the blockbuster.

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