Meet 16-Year Old Ghanaian Cryptocurrency Wizkid

I got to know about Elisha Owusu through a mutual friend a little over a year ago. I was discussing cryptocurrencies and its prospects with this friend when he mentioned that there is this young gentleman who was doing some impressive stuff in the space. I bet he knew my attention would be particularly drawn if he mentioned that the young man was a student of my alma mater – Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC – LEGON)

I got in touch with Elisha afterward and we have had some real interesting conversations about the cryptocurrency space over the period. What amazes me though are the strides he has chalked in the space for a young man of 16 who is just in his second senior year of High School. He is an integral part of the PIVX team and plays a couple of other roles in the digital market space. After months of having casual conversations with Elisha over wide-ranging subjects but mostly cryptos, I decided to sit with him this weekend and do a proper interview because I believe it is important to put the spotlight on rare gems doing well – especially for an African kid playing in the global cryptocurrency space.

How long have you been into cryptocurrencies and what inspired you? 

I have been into cryptocurrencies for almost three years now. My first encounter with cryptocurrencies was a news item I read online in late 2014. The idea of financial freedom and an entire economy based on the internet appealed to my curiosity which caused me to investigate about Bitcoins and cryptocurrency as a whole.

So effectively, you have been into cryptocurrencies since the age of 14?


What are your views about the future of cryptocurrencies? Will it get mainstream soon or further off? 

I believe cryptocurrencies are the future. They are moving from just mediums for the exchange of goods and services but are also being developed into platforms that are, and will continue to be, essential to the growth of the human race.  I see mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency on the rise, and I believe it is only a matter of time.

What are the roles you’ve played in the space thus far? 

The last two years have been great. I started the first commercial DASH blog called ‘The Dash Times’ and then moved to the in early 2015. I took a little break and then returned to cryptocurrencies in late 2016. Shortly after I joined PIVX – then it was called Darknet during a very successful rebranding campaign. Lately, I have been working on my cryptocurrency marketing firm called Token Media.

What is your role with PIVX and how much impact do you think PIVX would make in the space? 

Working with PIVX has been a tremendous learning experience for which I am grateful. I have done a little bit of everything at PIVX in regards to marketing, but my primary role has been publications and managing of social media accounts. I am looking forward to increasing my workload in the coming months as I will be hitting the streets of various cities in Africa to share and educate about cryptocurrency.
PIVX is designed to be a digital currency, and I believe it has a place in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. PIVX, when adopted massively will be very useful for the African continent. The unmatched speed of PIVX transactions is a natural fit for the vibrant and growing economies across the continent, and the private nature of these transactions will allow us to achieve true financial freedom.

What do you make of the current situation where we seem to have high numbers of ICOs for crypto-projects? 

I believe not every project needs an ICO to launch but it seems everyone is following the crowd. But that is ok because soon we will see a separation of the chaff from projects with real substance. What irks me sometimes is that some of these ICOs are pure scams yet a lot of gullible folks are unable to decipher this. However, there are some really good ICO projects out there that will do wonders and yield great returns for investors – I am personally invested in some of these ICOs myself.

Do you see any future for Ghana in the crypto space?

Ghana has a very bright future with cryptocurrencies. Until recently, Ghana led the list of countries with the most interest in Bitcoin according to numbers from Google Search. Currently, we are third on that list behind Nigeria another African country and Bolivia. This shows the growing interest for an alternative to the weak financial systems backed by traditional currency. Cryptocurrencies are the answer to the poor policies that continue to put the people and their resources at risk, so it’s just of matter of time before mass adoption of digital currencies happens in Ghana.

Interview by Emmanuel Tokunbo Darko

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