Telegram founder Pavel Durov reacts to Russia sanction on bitcoin

 Telegram founder Pavel Durov cryptomartez

The founder of VKontakte and Telegram messenger Pavel Durov said he did not understand the desire of Russian officials to restrict the purchase of bitcoins. The post about this was published on its official page in VKontakte.

Pavel wrote:

I do not quite understand the desire of Russian officials to limit the purchase of bitcoins. For the first time in 70 years, the world financial system had a chance to get out of the hegemony of the United States, which at one time imposed its national currency on the whole of the world as a reserve and since then, in effect, collects tribute from all countries, paying off indebted dollars and Buying up assets on them all over the world. And instead of seizing the chance to make the world more balanced and together with Japan and other Asian countries recognize the status of the new digital currencies that are replacing the dollar, the voices of “let’s forbid and limit” are heard from the Russian government. It seems that this bitcoin imposes sanctions on Russia

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