The Swiss bank has added Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash to its line of crypto-currency products

The private Swiss bank is expanding its own line of crypto-currency products, which was launched this summer.
Falcon Private Bank earlier said that it will provide its customers with a service for buying and storing bitcoins directly on their accounts with the assistance of brokerage service Bitcoin Suisse. It was reported that the launch of the service will take place after agreement with the local regulators, including the Swiss Financial Market Supervision Service (FINMA).

Now the bank is expanding the line, adding Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash to it. Clients of the bank will be able to buy and keep these crypto-currencies on their accounts from August 22, it is said in today’s announcement.

This step is of great importance, given the fact that the service for working with Bitcoin appeared only a month ago. Thus, Falcon Private Bank became the first traditional bank offering its clients crypto-currency services of this format. Last year, under the control of the bank, there were more than $ 14 billion in customer assets.

“Falcon Private Bank was the first bank to offer its customers access to bitcoins directly, and this step is of historic importance,” said Nikolaas Nikolasen, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse. “Now they have decided to add Ether and other crypto-currency assets, which will attract crypto-active holders and investors to them.”

Together with the launch of the service for bitcoin holders, Falcon installed a bitcoin- ATM at its headquarters in Zurich.

Source : Coindesk

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