Hackers return 10,000 ETH stolen Coindash ICO fund

Israeli blockchain start-up CoinDash said that hackers returned part of the funds stolen in July this year as a result of hacking ICO project. In total, CoinDash got back 10,000 ETH (about $ 2.9 million at the current exchange rate).

Recall last summer, the CoinDash team reported that hackers posted on the main page of the site a fake address for sending Ethereum. By the time the problem was discovered, about $ 7.5 million had been transferred to fraudsters.

Soon after the incident, the campaign to sell the tokens was stopped, and the project representatives promised that they would return the money to investors. Two months later, the CoinDash team was finally able to please the users by announcing that 10,000 ETH had been returned from the Ethereum-address of the hacker (FAKE_CoinDash) to one of the project’s addresses

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It is noteworthy that this was preceded by a small translation to 488 ETH, which was made on September 12 from the address of the hacker on ShapeShift through several accounts on proxy servers. Noticing this transaction, the CoinDash team stepped up efforts to investigate the theft, including turning to the unit for countering terrorist activities in Israel.

Representatives of CoinDash claim that they will continue to monitor the hacker’s address and plan to make a new announcement later this week.

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