Hackers secretly mining cryptocurrency from unsuspecting software users

Cryptocurrencies continue to grow and even more attractive, even for citizens far from the IT environment. In addition, ICO and mining are discussed everywhere, not just on the pages of profile forums and publications.

“There are groups of people who cheat or use vulnerabilities in the operating system, install programs miners to unsuspecting users. As a result, attackers get crypto-currency and their victims – a significant drop in the productivity of the work system.
We found several big botnets to benefit from hidden mining, and we also pointed to an increase in the number of attempts to install miners on the servers of organizations. In case of success, the company’s business processes suffer because the processing speed of data is significantly reduced, “said Kaspersky Lab experts in their new report.

Specialists report that currently the most important way of installing miners is installers of adware, distributed using common social technology. However, there are more interesting issues, such as vulnerability, such as EternalBlue. In such cases, the servers are likely to become victims, which by their higher performance are especially beneficial to attackers.

At the same time, the specifications and the principle of the work of the miners complicate the detection of such threats. The fact is that the user himself can install such a program and can legally use it to extract the crypto currency. Analysts give an example:

“We recently discovered a network that, according to our estimates, contains more than 5,000 cars on which the legal Min Miner console console is installed secretly. The program is spread through the adware installer and is installed as a service on the victim’s machine. “

According to the “Kaspersky Lab“, the most common currencies for hidden mining are Monero (XMR) and ZCash. Both crypto currencies have the property of anonymity of transactions, which is very useful for criminals. According to the most conservative estimates of the researchers, the average network brings its owners up to $ 30,000 a month.

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