Ledger hardware wallet starts integration with Monero

Ledger – one of the world leaders among the crypto-purses on the external media officially announced the work on supporting the anonymous Monero coin. The software part of all Ledger products, including Ledger Blue and Nano S, is available for study  at Github , where developers can observe the progress in the integration of Monero.

“Since we know that” soon “is not the correct answer to the question” when? ” “, We plan to finalize the alpha-version source code at the end of September. And before that, we are waiting for your comments on the specifications for github »wrote in the  Reddit  CTO branch of the company – Nicolas Bacca.

Monero has received support from many large platforms with millions of active users. The coin has a lower liquidity in comparison with other crypto-currencies . Nevertheless, after the integration of the Monero Bithumb exchange and the Ledger purse, the currency is expected to increase demand from ordinary investors and professional traders.

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