Alleged former employee of BTC-e Alexander Vinnik – at the first hearing on extradition

Alleged former employee of BTC-e Alexander Vinnik -cryptomartez

The alleged former employee of BTC-e Alexander Vinnik appeared in the Greek court on Friday for the first hearing about where he should stand trial.

Vinnyk, arrested in Greece on behalf of the US government, was charged with money laundering, computer hacking, fraud and drug trafficking along with his former employer, bitcoin BTC-e. However, the hearing is apparently still the first step in the dispute between the Greek and American authorities about where the court should go, which, rather, will force the Greek Minister of Justice to intervene in this matter.

The subject of the dispute now, apparently, will be the gloomy role of Vinnik in the company. Although BTC-e initially claimed that it had no connection with Vinnik, in his first interview after his arrest, he admitted that he worked on the stock exchange. In this issue, the US government took a slightly different position, introducing it as the “operator” of the BTC-e.

The question can be complicated by the fact that Vinnik, a Russian citizen, may want to postpone the hearing to his home country. According to Russia Today, he agrees to extradition to his homeland, although the date of hearings on the transfer of the process to Russia has not yet been established.

Both countries argue that Vinnik within six years has laundered about $ 4 billion through BTC-e. One of the oldest bitcoins of BTC-e stock exchanges was closed after it was subjected to US law enforcement raids in July.

Despite its problems, the exchange is now trying to reborn. September 15 on the page of the stock exchange on Twitter was an announcement that it will be replaced by a stock exchange called Wex.

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