BlackRock C.E.O: cryptocurrency widely used for money laundering

Larry Fink, CEO of  BlackRock Inc, said that the cryptocurrency is a speculative platform in Asia and is largely used for money laundering.

Fink said: “As for the Crypto-currency, I firmly believe in their potential. We see great opportunities, but what we are talking about today is primarily a platform for speculation. “

He added:

“We are asked this question, but only in the context of alternative types of venture capital. Customers do not express their desire to use crypto-currencies as a class of assets “

Although Fink also identifies the speculative nature of crypto-currency as one of the obstacles to realizing their potential, he believes that this is not the main problem: “As I said, this is a speculative platform for Asian countries. At the same time, crypto-currencies are intensively used for money laundering. “

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