Coinbase launches instant bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin purchase

Coinbase just announced that users can instantly purchase bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin using a U.S bank account.

Previously, transactions takes up to 3-5 days to complete, as Coinbase waits for funds to transfer via ACH before they credited your purchase, but this new upgrade now allows Customers to buy up to $25,000 and receive access to their digital currency immediately.

Instant bank purchases are now currently available to customers in the US and will be made available to other countries in the coming months. Users will receive an email when instant purchases become available for your account.
You can check list of Coinbase supported countries here

If you haven’t signed up for coinbase, then this is the right time to do so.

Sign up for an account here

The feature will roll out today to ~15,000 users, with “all eligible” US-based customer getting it by the end of the year. While Coinbase wouldn’t elaborate on what percentage of users will be eligible, it’s likely that doing things like completing the company’s verification tiers and showing good customer habits over time would increase the odds of being eligible.

Also, Note that maximum instant purchase limit is $25,000. Individual limits may vary.

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