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Perhaps you’ve gambled a few times on the internet or not, or you find yourself to be some sort of gamble geek who knows his way around predicting likely odds has also had the luck to walk away with a good kill after rolling some dice or passing some poker cards online. 
Well, chances are you have tried out or heard of crypto gambling once or several times. The truth is if you fancy gambling online crypto gamble is just a newer safer and better way of gambling. I would try to stay away from the blockchain benefit sermon to save some time. 

From my personal experience, user’s testimony and from factual stats, I was able to come up with one good crypto-gambling site I would advise anyone who fancies gaming to try out. Plus it has been around for quite some time now so these guys have earned the batch of credibility for crypto gambling site on the internet.
Here is a least of cool and unique facts that brings to the top of its class:
  • Established in 2014: have been around from the early years of crypto-gambling upon until this moment. And men! they are thriving just fine in the market.
  • Highest faucet among all websites: starting at 500 Satoshi up to 20,500 satoshi every 3 minutes
  • Up to7 different games to choose from:  perhaps you are on the lookout for a Vegas experience in front of your computer, as you roll in some crypto coin into your wallet. At you have as much as seven games to choose from, which are:
  • Dice
  • Blackjack
  • Slot
  • Lottery
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Plinko
  • Low house edge: most gambling sites are claiming unrealistically low house edge that would be considered unthinkable for a gambling site to operate and still make profit, but with the house edges for individual games at, I find their operation and practice a realistic one. Here is a list of what the house edges look like for individual games:
  • 0.8% – dice
  • 1.253% – blackjack
  • Negative house edge of 1% – lottery (players receive 1% more)
  • 2.7% – roulette
  • 1.97% – slot
  • 2.1% – Video Poker
  • 1.7% – plinko
  • Over 1.6 Billion bets:  this site has not just been sitting on the web for all these years, like some lazy old dog, there have been serious activities going on down there. Like the stats say 1.6 Billion bets since 2014
  • 10 cryptocurrencies: at you have a long list of currencies to choose from. These currencies include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Peercoin, Gridcoin, PlayMoney, Monero and Stratis.
  • RainBot: Random times at chat (free coins and free lottery tickets)

  • Best paying referral program: yes you get a good commission for every person you refer to, which is – 25% of the house edge of every bet made by everyone you refer. This amount is automatically added to your balance.
  • Advanced Autobot betting on dice: with this feature, you are open to a wide range of possibilities for every dice spin.
  • Fast rolling speed on dice: up to 20 bets per second
  • Chat with friendly modes: yea! You get to chat while gaming
  • Deposits: just one confirmation is needed for every deposit you make.
  • Instant withdrawals: once your deposit is confirmed you have instant access to make withdrawals when you so wish.
  • Maximum win amount per single bet on Dice game is 8 BTC, up to 30 BTC win per single bet on Video Poker game. This isn’t some made believe gimmick. You can walk away with as much as that
  • Security: accounts are secured with email, password, and 2FA. Also, withdrawals must be confirmed with email confirmations.
  • Wagering contest: 4 players on BTC, LTC, and ETH who wager the most in every month receive rewards. Yea people get rewarded for their high bet hustles. Also, 10 players who wager the most in every month on BTC, DOGE, LTC and ETH receives a total of 6000 Lottery tickets.
  • Instant account creation: as soon as you visit website, account is created automatically and anonymously
  • Various promotions: challenges on and on their social media pages
  • Inbuilt exchange: you can actually exchange on from one coin to another without any exchange site hustle
  • There are other numerous benefits and features with, some of which includes: Vouchers, Progressive Jackpot on Dice, currently at 2.3 BTC, faucet timer, a responsive design, which is highly mobile friendly, also, there is the possibility of Investing in 9 coins (with a recorded investment of over 3500 BTC invested).
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