IMF head: I can not afford investing in bitcoin

According to the managing director of the International Monetary Fund Kristin Lagarde, currently, bitcoin is too expensive to invest in it. This is written by Business Insider referring to Lagarde’s interview with CNBC.

“At the moment, it’s too expensive for me,” the IMF chief said in response to a question about whether she ever invested in bitcoin.

At the same time, one of the most influential women in the world is convinced that “ignoring virtual currencies is not entirely reasonable.”

“Not long ago, some experts said that personal computers will never gain popularity, and tablets will serve as something like expensive coffee trays ,” she said. ” Therefore, I believe ignoring virtual currencies would not be very wise.”

 Also during the interview, Lagarde shared her opinion on the ban on ICO in China.

“The decision to ban was made because [in China] the speculation and schemes of Ponzi”

At the same time, Lagarde believes, despite the abundance of unscrupulous players, people should pay attention to this market.

“When I look at my country where all transactions between citizens and the Ministry of Finance have been digitized, I understand that at present there are major changes that everyone should pay attention to.”

Recall, earlier Kristin Lagarde said that crypto-currencies are not a threat to bank

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