Jboxcoin: A decentralized video streaming platform set to displace youtube

JBOX is a decentralized video streaming App using the blockchain Technology. JBOX’s approach is to make your video streaming experience juicier and appealing to your viewers, a huge sense of value for their leisure time through a well augmented dual mining process (POU & POV) this App is designed to reward (token) user for uploading and Streaming (view) videos of all varieties on the Jbox platforms

JBOXcoin is the incentive you get from surfing and stream video and all other Entertainment features through our gigantic project App know as JBOX, this application gives room to virtually every profession around the globe to make huge incentives either by the “proof of upload” or proof of view” (POU& POV) which are the two genuine and iconic way of mining JBOXcoin, We offer you a social media platform where you can earn from putting out content on the JBOXapp and also an opportunity to earn simply by viewing other peoples content on JBOXplatform.

Jcent is the incentive a user gets from viewing any kind of video; for every 20seconds jcent is automatically sent into the user’s cryptographic wallet, also as A video creator similar process also applies to you, A video creator is rewarded by the amount of view accumulated by the video content uploaded.

ICO starts on 8th of November and a total of 100 million tokens will be in circulation for sale on the ICO platform at reasonable cost at $0.2, The JBOX app is an Ethereum blockchain base edifice so investors will need to purchase the JBOXcoin from an Ethereum base platform wallet.

Official website: www.jboxcoin.org
Download Whitepaper
Telegram https://t.me/jboxcoin

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