Ukraine National Bank might recognize bitcoin

The National Bank of Ukraine has not ruled out that bitcoin can be recognized, but rather in the meantime illuminated that the issue will concentrate, as a matter of first importance, on the National banks of Europe.

As reported by Replyua news media with reference to the Left Bank, this was told by Emal Bakhtari, the head of programs and projects of the open markets department of the National Bank.

“Each country is different. Someone forbids, someone regulates, someone does not regulate at all. Definitions are also absolutely different, ranging from the goods and ending with the investment asset, an intangible asset. Someone calls money, someone means of payment, someone means of payment. That is, there are many options. We look at them, we analyze them, ” Bakhtari said.

However, the expert immediately stressed that he personally does not consider the bitcoins reliable and does not believe in the future of the cryptocurrency.

Recall that earlier this year,  National bank of Ukraine announced the impossibility of recognizing bitcoin, in addition, experts repeatedly warned about possible fraud.

Meanwhile, the bitcoin rate continues to beat all unthinkable records and soaring high.

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