11 biggest hackers attack in the history of Cryptocurrency

The rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fell last week after the publication of information about hacking and theft of a large volume of USDT tokens. Although the reliability and security of cryptocurrency are often called among the main advantages of this type of asset, comparing it with gold, there are many cases when cryptographic tokens fell into the hands of those to whom they did not rightly belong. Below is a list of 11 most prominent hackers attack in the history of cryptocurrency.

August 2010: Bitcoin Hacking

Users are well aware that the volume of cryptocurrency emission is limited to 21 million BTC. However, in 2010 the hacker found a vulnerability in Bitcoin software, which allowed him to create a block with a transaction that contained 184 million BTC. However, soon the bug was eliminated.

March 2014: Mt. Gox Hacking

Probably one of the darkest spots in the history of cryptocurrency is the hacking of the Mt. Gox, which occurred in 2014, as a result of which $ 473 million in bitcoins were stolen. This incident led to the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox in the same year, and lenders still demand to return their money.

January 2015: Bitstamp Hacking

Less than a year since the Mt. Gox, as an attack was subjected to another major exchange. In early 2015, the Bitstamp stock exchange was hacked. The production of hackers was $ 5.1 million in bitcoins. As a result of the investigation, it was established that one of the administrators of the exchange was the victim of a phishing attack.

June 2016: Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Hack

Vulnerability in The DAO code allowed hackers to steal about $ 50 million in Ethereum. Developers of cryptocurrency have made a controversial decision and have made a hard fork of the block to return the funds to the rightful owners. The group of users decided to keep the original lock of the cryptocurrency, which exists to this day under the name Ethereum Classic.

July 2016: Steemit.com Hacking

About a month after the breaking of The DAO, the social network on the Steem unit was attacked. Over 260 user accounts were hacked and  $ 85,000 worth of  Steem Dollar where stolen.

August 2016: Breaking Bitfinex

The summer of 2016 turned out to be fruitful for hackers. In August, from the Bitfinex exchange, $ 72 million was stolen in bitcoins. It was reported that to do this hacker allowed a vulnerability in the wallets with a multi-signature on Bitfinex.

July 2017: CoinDash Hacked

The launch of the CoinDash project was associated with major trouble for organizers and investors. The hacker was able to substitute the address that investors had to send ETH to get the project tokens. In this case, the hacker was able to steal about $ 7 million.

July 2017: Parity Wallet Breach

In the same month, the hacker discovered a vulnerability in Parity wallets that used the multi-signature. This allowed the hacker to access funds raised by the ICO projects  Edgeless Casino, Swarm City, and aeternity. Extraction of the hacker was $32 million in Ethereum. The damage from this attack could be more significant if the group of “white hat” -hackers, which, using the same vulnerability, could protect some users’ funds, did not interfere in the matter.

July 2017: Veritaseum Hacking

Two months after the completion of the ICO, hackers gained access to the Veritaseum wallet and stole $ 8 million of Veritaseum, a cryptocurrency used to develop software for decentralized trading in capital markets.

August 2017: Breaking Enigma

Even before the start of ICO Enigma, hackers were able to access the site, the group in Slack and the mailing list of the project and informed investors that they were pre-selling tokens. This allowed them to collect about $500,000 in Ethereum.

November 2017: Tether Hijacking

There is no complete information on the Tether attack yet, but it is known that hackers were able to hack the company’s warehouse and steal USDT tokens by $ 30.9 million. Tether claims that it has the ability to prevent stolen tokens from entering the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the numerous miscalculations and insecurity, cryptocurrencies continue to attract new investors. The price of Bitcoin has surpassed $9,000 for the first time ever and the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum has risen over 460$.

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