Top 5: Best Ethereum wallet (2018)

What is Ethereum (Ethereum Overview)

Ethereum  a decentralized smart-contract platform that run exactly as it has been programmed without any possibility of interruption or third-party interference. Its no doubt becoming the next best cryptocurrency and currently has the second largest market cap after bitcoin. In January 2017, 1 Ether was worth $8.24 and have so far increase by over 5000%.
So lets take a look at some of the best ethereum wallet you should consider having. Recently, there has been lots of   wallet phishing scam and securing your ether you be an utmost priority for all ether holders.
Best Ethereum wallet (2017) by cryptomartez


1. Coinbase’s Ethereum wallet Review (web wallet)

Coinbase’s Ethereum wallet Review (web wallet) by cryptomartez

Coinbase  is one of the most popular and best bitcoin wallet. It’s important to know that coinbase also support Litecoin as well as ethereum. Coinbase wallet is simply to use, cheap and fast but its currently available in 32 countries. Check the list of coinbase supported country 

Some other limitation of coinbase wallet:

  • Your private keys are stored on Coinbase’s hosted servers and thus you don’t have control over your ethereum wallet. This simply means that coinbase can shut down your ethereum wallets anytime

Get started with coinbase

2. Exodus Wallet Review (Desktop wallet)

Exodus Wallet Review (Desktop wallet) by cryptomartez

Exodus is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet with a great and easy user interface. You can store your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and Decred  all in one place and easily calculate and organize your savings with their pie chart portfolio. It also allows you to instantly trade easily trade your coins with built-in exchange powered by shapeshift
Check out our previous review of  exodus wallet

3. Myetherwallet review (web wallet)

Best Ethereum wallet (2017)

Myetherwallet is an open source wallet and you control your private key without any third party interferace.
It also allows you to connect your Trezor and Ledger Nano S on myetherwallet web interface.
myetherwallet is specifically built for ethereum only
Visit myetherwallet website

4. Jaxx Wallet Review(web and mobile wallet)

Best Ethereum wallet (2017)

Jaxx supports both ethereum(ETH) and ethereum classic(ETC)  and some other altcoin and also your private keys are stored on your machine. 
Although Jaxx Wallet is not opensource, the code is available on the website. It also offers an in-Wallet exchange Between Bitcoin, Ethereum and DAO Tokens powered by spaceshift just like exodus with a very intrusive design. 


5.EtherAddress Wallet Review


You can call it the paper wallet or cold storage, it’s definitely the best choice if you wish to store your ethereum offline. You can print out an Ethereum paper wallet with ETHAdress Ethereum wallet.
Create your private keys with click of a button, print out your keys are keep it safe; away from hackers. You can choose to encrypt your keys by setting a password and if you want to make a transaction, all you have to do is import your keys to an online wallet and supply your decryption password. 
Visit Etheraddress

You should probably consider having a hardware wallet

Whats your opinion on this, any good Ethereum wallet you think deserves to be on the list, kindly share below

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