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Confido ICO ; An ethereum startup disappears after raising $374,000

The Confido startup, which earned more than $ 374,000 during the ICO, disappeared from the network.

The project offered investors "safe peer-to-peer transactions using" smart "contracts and tracking delivery." On Sunday, November 19, investors found that the project site is not available. The ICO social media accounts on Twitter , Facebook , Reddit and Medium has also been deleted.

Coinfido Representative on Reddit published a message in which he admitted that he could not explain what was happening to the company. At the same time, on the Medium blog (which has been deleted), a statement appeared about the "Confido situation, due to problems with the law".

According to the Motherboard edition, the record could be published by one of the founders of Confido named Joost van Doorn (Joost van Doorn), which can be found on the network only on a remote profile in LinkedIn. Reddit users tried to find Confido team members, but found only fake profiles in LinkedIn.

One of the users of 4chan two days before the closure of Confido conducted his own research and found that all the project team's profiles were fake, and then sold Confido tokens.

According to data on the evening of November 20, the cost of Confido fell by 95% and was $ 0.03 per token. On November 14, the value of the cryptocurrency was approximately $ 1.2 per share, but now the tokens are now worthless.

An archived version of the website is available here
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