Cryptocurrency Mining Virus Targets Australians via SMS messages

Cryptocurrency Mining Virus Targets Australians via SMS messages

Thousands of Australians have been attacked by the virus for hidden mining cryptocurrency via SMS, reports

Scammers offered to get free bitcoins, for which it was suggested to go to the link. However, when visiting the page, the computing power of the user was used to extract cryptocurrency.

Symantec CTO Nick Savvides (Nick Savvides), commenting on this scam with Australia media called it a classical type of imposition schemes via spam “pump and dump”. He stressed that both sites, which were offered to go to users, were asked to register. That is, scammers also tried to obtain personal information for subsequent attacks.

According to Savvides, most people are less careful when opening links received via SMS, because we are constantly receiving a lot of SMS notifications.

“When you receive a text message, you implicitly trust your device, since you do not expect that attackers will send you SMS messages with links to malicious software or fraud,” said Savvides.

He advised to protect mobile devices with filtering technologies and perform basic security precautions.
In his opinion, “this problem will worsen in the next couple of years, because … we trust our gadgets.”

Recently, hidden mining script where found in two apps on google play store.

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