Ukrainians collect signatures for legalization of cryptocurrency

The official website of the presidential administration of Ukraine published a  petition  on “state regulation and taxation of crypto-currencies, in particular, bitcoin (and associated types of economic activity) on the territory of Ukraine.”

The initiator of the petition, Alexander Grinh, asks Petro Poroshenko to “as soon as possible” determine the legal status of crypto-currencies – especially bitcoins – and related concepts such as trade, mining and further use.

“I also ask you to develop a taxation scheme for the types of economic activities related to crypto-currencies (such as the production of crypto-currency and trade), as many people already earn on it, but do not have the opportunity to honestly register their activities and pay taxes,” the petition notes

Greene calls on the president to help Ukraine become an advanced country by settling these issues. He stresses that the market is very promising.

At the time of publication, the petition has collected over 52 signatures from the necessary 25 thousand.
The collection of signatures is expected to continue until  February 15.

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