Appr. 200 ICO are launched weekly

One major trend in cryptocurrency this year had been ICO;  In 2017 alone, over $3.5 billion has been raised through ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

At the beginning of the year about 5 new ICO’s were launched weekly, but now the figure has risen to over 200 as stated by Andrey Yudin; co-founder of CryptoBazar Fund during CryptoBazar Conference held in Moscow on December 21st.

According to Andrey Yudin, due to increase in the number of ICO,  a mathematical correlation is taking place and number of successful ICO is gradually decreasing and investors are becoming more selective due to high rate of unsuccessful ICO.

Another trend that is now emerging in the ICO market – private investment, said O. Ivanov.

More and more projects are going into this phase, in which deals are closed at meetings with professional investors before projects go to public fund-raising. If the projects in this phase do not collect enough money – about 60% of the required amount, then the ICO also does not lead to the desired result. O. Ivanov concluded that now according to statistics about 60% of ICO projects do not gain the necessary funds.

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