Bitcoin; the second most searched global news term in 2017 -Google

Bitcoin; the second most popular search term in 2017 -Google
Google has released its most-searched list for 2017 and bitcoin is number two on most searched global news stories for 2017.
According to Google searches, five biggest global news stories of 2017 are:
  • Hurricane Irma
  • Bitcoin
  • Las Vegas Shooting
  • North Korea
  • Solar Eclipse
It doesn’t come as a surprise considering series of event that has happened in cryptocurrency this year alone.

Emergent of first bitcoin billionaires( Winklevoss brother), Bitcoin market cap exceeding $500 billion (bigger than that of facebook) , trading of bitcoin futures, price of one bitcoin rising to over $ 18000, several new bitcoin forks and a whole lot more. 
What are your trends and speculations for bitcoin in 2018, share with us below.
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