By 2024 there will be 200 million Bitcoin users worldwide


According to the RT, analysts expect that the number bitcoin user will reach 200 million by 2024, within the next seven years, given the current exponential growth rates of the cryptocurrency.

The Cambridge study, conducted by Dr. Harrick Hilman and Michel Rauhs in March 2017, showed that the number of active users of bitcoin-wallets ranged from 2.9 to 5.8 million.

However, since then, in proportion to the market value, the base of users of crypto-currencies has grown at an incredible rate. Only in November Coinbase registered 1.2 million users.

Large regional bitcoin-exchanges, such as Japanese Bitflyer and South Korean Bithumb, also have nearly one million users on each platform.

Given the number of hot wallets or bitcoins on bitcoin exchanges, the number of unique users of bitcoin is now probably more than 10 million.

Given the growth rate of the Crypto-currency and the latest news about the introduction of bitcoin futures for CBOE and CME in mid-December, adoption of bitcoin on the traditional financial market among large institutional investors, retail traders, hedge funds and investment companies will not wait. As tens of billions of institutional money move to the bitcoin market, individual players will follow them, creating a domino effect.

Then, more and more financial institutions, financial services providers and Fintech platforms will begin to provide bitcoin-related service, increasing its usability and liquidity. In November the massively popular and widely used FinTech Square application integrated bitcoin, allowing users to store, buy or sell this asset.

Finally, as bitcoin reinforces itself as the leading global means of preserving value, the number of unique and active users will increase dramatically, and they will begin to use cryptocurrency in everyday life as a replacement for the fiat.

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