Infographics: How Blockchain Will Protect Driverless Cars

A futuristic highway comprised of autonomous vehicles is quickly approaching. The closer we get, the more experts start looking towards Blockchain technology as a suitable network safeguard. In the coming years, we’re likely to see many new applications of Blockchain arise in the tech and internet marketplaces – and driverless cars are likely to rely on it.

In the past, engineers and designers in the self-driving car space were mostly interested in the mechanics necessary to allow a vehicle to drive on auto-pilot amongst other cars on public roads. This technology has now been mastered beyond a shadow of a doubt and is generally considered to be about as safe as an afternoon nap. However, one key safety element is still keeping self-driving cars out of consumer’s hand – cyber-security.

Connecting all autonomous vehicles with a distributed network that only Blockchain could provide might be the only way to make large or small scale hacking a functional impossibility. And being impervious to hacking is an absolute necessity when it comes to self-driving cars. What good is a car that lets the driver take a nap when the driver is terrified of being run off the road by a wacko at a keyboard?

Giving each car its own digital identity could even streamline things like paying tolls, GPS functionality, and possibly even paying for things like general tune-ups and oil changes. In the following infographic from Auto Accessories Garage, you’ll see the emerging link between the future of driverless vehicles, and the role of Blockchain technology.

How Blockchain Will Protect Driveless Cars [Infographic]
Provided by: Auto Accessories Garage

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