Mark Zuckerberg considers integrating cryptocurrency into Facebook services

 Mark Zuckerberg cryptocurrency

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a recent post points out his interested in studying cryptocurrency and encryption technologies with the aim of possible integration into Facebook.

According to him, one of the most interesting issues in the technology world is the rivalry of centralization and decentralization, and many are beginning to engage in technology because they believe that they can be that decentralizing force that will give more power to ordinary people.

However, today says Mark Zuckerberg, many have lost faith in this promise. With the emergence of a small number of large technology companies and the increasingly frequent use of technology to monitor citizens by the state, people are convinced that technology is more likely to increase centralization.

“This can be countered by important trends, such as encryption and cryptocurrencies, which take power from centralized systems and return it to people. At the same time, they involve risks of more difficult control. I’m interested in studying the positive and negative aspects of these technologies more deeply and their possible use in our services, ” He wrote , adding that 2018 will be a serious year for him from the point of view of self-improvement.

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