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Pineapple Fund - A noble mission

great donations

   D – donations.

   To take advantage of the current market uptick and finally green color, Pineapple Fund has made a number of donations:

  • Donated $2 million to the Institute for Justice, which takes strategic litigation to defend important areas like economic liberty and fighting civil forfeiture.
  • Donated $500k to TreeSisters, which is planting almost 2 million trees per year while providing an income to women in countries like Kenya.
  • Donated $250k to human-I-T, who re-distributes old computers and electronics to people in need, reducing the gap of access to technology while also reducing electronic waste.
  • Donated $1 million to The Adventure Project, who sponsors training for women to help them move out of poverty and lead impactful lives.
  • Donated $2 million, to complete its $5 million donation to the Open Medicine Foundation, who is funding much-needed and underfunded research into ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).

   "Pineapple Fund has just about 850 BTC left, and we've committed all of our remaining funds to charities already... except a little bit for a fun crypto puzzle in the end. Stay tuned ;)" – wrote Pineapple Fund.

   It is a great example of what the wealth generated by the crypto market can do for the world!

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