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The short excursus into history

Bitcoin's fate

 Firstly, the short excursus into history:
  • June - November 2011: the rate fell by 94% from $ 32 to $ 2. BTC has restored the previous price for 21 months.
  • April 2013: a drop of 80% from $ 266 to $ 54. Returned to the stage in 7 months.
  • November 2013 - January 2015: the periodic falls in the rate of 85% from $ 1,166 to $ 170. Has returned back in 17 months.
  • Our time: a fall of 67% from December 2017 from $ 1,950 to $ 6,500. We sit and wait for the return.

   Well, now letundefineds jump into reasoning.
Right away we can remember the guys who cried that they did not buy btc when it cost 100 bucks, now would be millionaires and blah blah blah. And now they shout: "I told you!" Oh well. Soon they can cry again.

   Whew! The last 3 days resembled a fever: it was throwing in hot, then in the cold. We heard hysterical cries, panic sales, unknown forecasts and statistics from everywhere. In general, many pants have been done.
For whales, these moments are the most favorite - discounts, cheap purchases and the opportunity to entertain yourself with the film from the "Hunger Games" series.

   We can not say for sure that there was a bounce and finally relax. But we will definitely look in the bright future and long positions.
Drawdown is a good time for large purchases because such discounts on the crypto are only every few years (as we have seen).

   However, as practice shows, bitcoin can be in a minus for 13-14 months. Naturally, no loans and sales of real estate to buy BTC: you can spend only that amount of money with which you are ready to part for a year or two.

   Do not forget to stick to the chosen strategy and everything will be cool.


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