Jboxcoin now listed on Stocks Exchange

Jbox a decentralized video streaming platform based on blockchain technology which concluded Initial Coin Offering(ICO)  has now been listed on stocks.exchange trading platform and currently been traded at the range of $2 per JBX.

The concept behind Jbox is quite different from youtube as you are paid for uploading and viewing videos based on Proof of Upload (POU) and Proof of View (POV).

Jbox is primarily designed to create wealth and reduce poverty around the globe hence, it is hoped that it will speedily take its market share with a lot of ease irrespective of the stiff competition in the global economy through its unique and powerful mining system that allows you to earn via uploading and watching videos.

According to the dev team, an important update for the app will be released soon and jboxcoin will be listed in more exchange in coming months. Visit https://jboxcoin.org for more update

At JBC   Ing yourself. The concept behind our platform is different from Youtube as you are paid for uploading and viewing new videos thereby paying you for entertaining yourself.

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