12 Weakest Cryptocurrencies – Weiss Rating

Weiss Ratings, one of the world’s largest rating agencies, presented a new analysis related to the crypto-currency market, which included 12 of the weakest digital assets this time.

Citing several factors, including risks for investors, technological features and popularity, the agency assigned these alphanumeric ratings from D to E, where D means “weak”, and E – “very weak”.

According to Weiss Ratings, at present traders should avoid investing in the following crypto-currencies:

  • Auroracoin (D-)
  • Comet (E-)
  • Electroneum (E +)
  • Expanse (E)
  • Gulden (D-)
  • Matchpool (E)
  • Megacoin (E-)
  • Novacoin (E)
  • PotCoin (D-)
  • Quark (E-)
  • Rise (D-)
  • SaluS (E-)

The report also contains several investment recommendations and tips. So, given the current state of the market, Weiss does not advise placing more than 5% of liquid assets in crypto-currencies, “if you do not play at high rates.”

In addition, analysts advise to overcome the temptation and refrain from investing in any cryptocurrency, if its rate suddenly starts to grow rapidly. Instead, they advise adding small positions at local minima.


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Third, although bitcoin is able to demonstrate a good profitability in the future, traders should not forget about other, newer projects, such as EOS or NEO.

In conclusion, Martin Weiss reminds his clients that the exchange should not be used for storing digital assets, and recommends appointing an heir in case “something happens to you or you forget important information.”

Last month, Weiss Ratings drew attention to the low reliability of Tether tokens (USDT), recommending that traders use them only in case of emergency.

Recently, the agency upgraded the rating of bitcoin from C + to B- in light of the development of technology Lightning Network. “Bitcoin still has significant technological barriers, but it does not die out,” they added.

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