Egyptian authorities force citizens to secretly mine cryptocurrency

A new report from the University of Toronto Security Studies Laboratory states that the Egyptian Authorities are forcing citizens to engage in hidden cryptocurrency mining.

In particular, the researchers say, deep packet inspection (DPI) middleboxes were installed at Telecom Egypt demarcation point. The middleboxes were being used to redirect users across dozens of ISPs to affiliate ads and browser cryptocurrency mining scripts

The Egyptian scheme, dubbed AdHose, has two modes. In spray mode, AdHose redirects Egyptian Internet users traffic en masse to ads for short periods of time. In trickle mode, AdHose targets some JavaScript resources(coinhive) and defunct websites for ad injection with the intent of making money.

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Another way of “Trickle” redirects traffic when users visit certain sites, such as the religious resource and, a porn site, reports QZ.

Recall that in Egypt, cryptocurrency turnover is prohibited for religious reasons.

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