ICO surpass venture capital in terms of investment in blockchain startups

In the last 14 months, cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups attracted about $ 1.3 billion through a traditional venture financing model. The sum of the funds collected through the ICO was 3.5 times more ($ 4.5 billion) according to data by Crunchbase.

For the entire 2017 and the first two months of 2018, the CrunchBase database recorded a total of 527 rounds of venture financing and ICO conducted by companies in categories such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, cryptocurrency and virtual currency.

The total number of ICOs conducted in the last 14 months was less than the number of rounds of venture financing announced by the blockchain companies.

ico vs ventures capital


Appr. 200 ICO are launched weekly

But despite the smaller number of ICOs, tokensales on average attracted much more capital than the average venture funding round.
The chart below shows the breakdown of capital raised between VC rounds and ICOs with known amounts of capital.

ico vs ventures capital

According to Crunchbase data, here are a few of the largest ICOs held in 2017:

  • Filecoin’s ICO raised $257 million.
  • Tezos rased $232 million.
  • Bancor raised $152.3 million.
  • Polkadot raised $140 million.
  • Quoine raised $105 million.


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