Official site of Ukraine Hydrometeorological Center used for mining

The official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine was engaged in cryptocurrency mining.  Hidden mining with the help of the CoinHive Script has become so rampant that it has already reached state websites.

CoinHive is a JavaScript program that uses the computing power of user computers for the hidden Monero mining.

A CoinHive mining script which utilizes user CPU power was found on the website. In this scenario, the mining script was not hidden and could easily be seen on the 35th line by view the website source code.

You can view the coinhive mining script by viewing the website source code

As at the time of publication, the cryptocurrency mining script has been removed from the website. How the attackers managed to introduce the miner into the network of the hydrometeorological center is still unknown. According to reports, the technical workers might have been involved in this hidden mining activity.


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Scripts for hidden mining are flagged by most antivirus programs, as malicious. Last year, Opera released a new update to its browser with inbuilt coin mining adblocker to help prevent malicious site form using your computer CPU for mining.

This is not a new phenomenon as over  4,200 sites, including those owned by US and UK government organizations, were infected with this same miner in February. The big question still remains, What impact might these attack on government websites have on cryptocurrency?

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