Brazil university launches the country’s first-ever crypto related course

A university in Brazil is launching the first-ever crypto related Masters degree programme in the country. The Sao Paulo based Fundacao Getulio Vargas {FGV} will be launching a Master’s degree in crypto finance next semester.

As more countries embrace the use of cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology, there is a need for more inclusion of the subject matter into the tertiary education system.

There is a great need for educational resources regarding cryptocurrency to be made available and this is one of the aims of the programme.

According to Ricardo Rochman, the Program coordinator at FGV, “It is a market with a profound lack of people with expertise. Cryptofinance has economic and financial fundamentals that are worth discussing, researching, and [being] taught.”

The programme would help students study the market from a non-speculative point of view and foster a better understanding of the multiple applications of the technology and the alternative investment features cryptocurrency possesses. The course is going to be optional for students in Economics and will be offered as an additional subject to the Derivatives class.

Two Brazilian economic students, Juan Perpetuo and Felipe Santo have also taken up the  initiative seven months ago by establishing the “Blockchain Insper.”  The group was established to “create a hub that facilitates entry for all students and has a bias of innovation that sets us apart from a junior company,” according to Mr. Santos.

The group which is somewhat like a study group and junior company has already partnered with five companies operating in the cryptocurrency industry.

South American countries are slowly embracing the virtual currency and its underlying technology, the new Master’s program in crypto finance will go a long way in fostering understanding of the pros and cons of cryptocurrency.

How soon other countries will follow suit in offering crypto related courses in their universities is a question only time can answer.

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