Iranian government discussing ban on Telegram

The government of Iran is discussing a possible ban in the country of the Telegram messenger, including because of concerns that Gram tokens could undermine the national currency.

The messenger is widely used in Iran and has already provoked the wrath of the country’s leadership because of the role that, in their opinion, Telegram played in the December protests.

 The company Pavel Durova recently held a record ICO, which raised $ 1.7 billion. The funds will be spent on the development of the messenger and TON block-platform, which will use its own Gram token.

According to media reports, the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace Iran Hassan Firuzabadi spoke about Telegram lock on state television. He called the messenger “the enemy of the private sector” and said:

“Telegram officially announced that it will be used as an economic platform, and this will undermine the national currency of Iran.”

In his view, the arrival of the virtual currency Telegram in the country can lead to the fact that from the country will be withdrawn to $ 50 billion.

MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi said that the decision to lock the messenger was made at the highest level, and that Telegram will be replaced with an Iranian application.

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However, it is reported that the lock was not supported by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who said at a meeting with government officials:

“The goal of creating and expanding Iranian software and messaging applications should not be to block access to other applications, the task should be to eliminate monopolies.”

Earlier, the Central Bank of Iran said that it does not recognize cryptocurrency as a legitimate means of payment within the borders of the Islamic Republic. And the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi also reported that the Postal Bank of Iran is working on local cryptocurrency.

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