Search giant Baidu launches blockchain-based stock photo platform

In a bid to protect the intellectual rights of images, Chinese search giant Baidu on Wednesday launched a blockchain-based stock photography platform called Totem.

Baidu hopes to make original authors more profit through blockchain technology and improve the efficiency of the entire photo distribution chain and maximize its value

Baidu, China’s internet search giant, has launched a blockchain-based stock photo service in a bid to protect image intellectual property in China, as part of its wider push for blockchain technology adoption.

The service, called Totem which went online Wednesday, uses blockchain to timestamp the submission of each original photograph from a user with a real-name identity and store data associated with the images in a distributed network.

With Baidu’s existing capacity in internet data scraping and artificial intelligence, the platform says by comparing images that are circulated over the internet with data stored in a traceable blockchain, it would be able to substantiate allegations of intellectual property infringement.

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