Twitter Inc. Release The Bitcoin Cash Twitter Account From Suspension

  • The suspended @Bitcoin twitter account created to support Bitcoin Cash has been released.
  • This raised more criticisms of the lightning network.

Twitter Inc.: The suspended @Bitcoin twitter account is back. On Sunday, 8th April, Twitter Inc. suspended the @Bitcoin handle – an account created to promote the Bitcoin Cash. This caused a wave in the community where some opposed the action, likening it “death of free speech”, whereas other cheered it. The suspension was seen as a fight between of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash community and attributed to increasing numbers of complaints emanating from BTC supporters on Twitter.

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Twitter Inc. Suspends Bitcoin Cash-Promoting Account

Today Tuesday 10th April, the Bitcoin Cash-promoting Twitter account, @Bitcoin, is now live on Twitter, though verbal jabs just got intense.

The @Bitcoin account, which is managed by an unknown owner supports BCH, a rival coin that was created as a result of a hard fork of the BTC Blockchain that took place in August 2017, with claims that it is the original Bitcoin and holds better features than BTC. Though data on CoinMarketCap revealed that BTC’s market cap is about 10 times higher than BCH’s

A tweet on the resurrected feed reads:

“From day one, Bitcoin was marketed to the world as a fast & cheap global payments network. Now the BTC crowd says that’s wrong and that Bitcoin should be a slow & expensive ‘store-of-value’ not meant to be used as currency. Who is trying to steal the Bitcoin brand, again?”

One of the earlier tweets asked why Jack Dorsey, the Twitter chief, who also has an investment in a firm developing Lightning Network technology, suspended the @bitcoin account. Many more tweets followed with majority criticizing the Lightning Network, a technology targeted at making Bitcoin transactions cheaper and faster.

Do you also consider this action as a twitter battle between BTC and BCH? Tell us your opinion.

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