Huobi’s Bullish Cryptocurrency Investor Sentiment Index Report

Crypto traders and investors have a duty to be at the top of happenings in the market, as there is no gainsaying the fact that these happenings have a direct influence on prices. This has prompted some companies like Huobi to launch a cryptocurrency sentiment report.

Huobi’s bullish cryptocurrency sentiment index report is condensed from an analysis of questionnaire sent to over 2000 crypto investors. Check our the report Click To Tweet

Unlike other companies like Thomson Reuters whose sentiment gauge is based on social media, Huobi’s cryptocurrency sentiment report is condensed from an analysis of results of a questionnaire sent to about 2000 crypto investors. Best part? Huobi’s April cryptocurrency investor sentiment index report is bullish.

For the questionnaire, three targeted questions were asked. They are:

1. How do you expect the total cryptocurrency market cap to change in the next month?

According to the charts from the report, 50.4% of investors believe that the crypto market size would “substantially increase.” At a 24.4% increase from last year’s report, the increase in optimism could be attributed to the short-lived bull run experienced towards the end of the month, the period the questionnaire was administered. There is still a tiny percent of investors who believe the time for the anticipated bull run is not here yet, and even expect a slump in the crypto market.

cryptocurrency Investor sentiment index

2. How do you expect the total cryptocurrency market cap to change in next half-year?

It appears there is less pessimism for a mid-term outlook, as 71.4% of investors believe that the crypto market size would “substantially increase” in the later part of the year. Of course, there was still a 5.8% who held on to their pessimistic views.

cryptocurrency Investor sentiment index

3. How do you expect the total cryptocurrency market cap to change in next three years?

Answers to the final question showed that almost 90% of investors were confident of the crypto market experiencing a “substantial increase” in the coming years. This did not obliterate the 2.7% who are pessimistic.

cryptocurrency Investor sentiment index

The report for the month of April published by the Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application was released last week, May 5. Being a composite report, scores are within the range of 0 – 100, with a score of 50 meaning a neutral market. As mentioned earlier, a total of 1,974 investors spanning across 23 countries were administered a questionnaire between April 25 – April 30, seeking to know the state of the market through different channels like email, WeChat, Weibo, Telegram, and Twitter. Hubery Yuan and Sherry Wang, creators of the report, analyzed and used the answers to this questionnaire for creating the report.

Huobi Academy of Blockchain Research, publishers of the monthly report, took steps to make the questionnaire easy to answer for investors. Each question was to be answered using five points: Substantially increase, Slightly increase, Remain the same, Slightly decrease, or Slump. With only three questions to answer and five points to consider for each question, investors were able to provide valuable feedback in so short a time.

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Being a young market, it’s uplifting to see that the bears will not always be in charge as everyone gravitates towards a bull run in the long term. Short-term expectations are quite unclear and probably misleading, due to the high volatility of the digital assets market. In the final analysis, Huobi’s bullish Cryptocurrency Investor Sentiment Index Report for the month of April, published by Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application is simply saying one thing loud and clear: HODL

Download the free report here.


Note: The questionnaire is only for collecting investors’ sentiments about the market, and does not represent any opinions or suggestion of Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application (hereinafter “Huobi Academy”). Huobi Academy does not contain any tips or hints about the statistical results and does not provide any guarantees. Investors should make their own independent and prudent evaluations of the questionnaire result, and should not use it as the basis for investment. Huobi Academy shall not be liable in any manners for any consequences of any reliance thereon or usage thereof.

All questionnaires are currently distributed via the Internet, and the identity of the respondents cannot be confirmed. Although we have expanded the scope and diversity of distribution as much as possible, we cannot rule out the existence of biases in the sample population and cannot represent the views of all cryptocurrency investors.

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