Watch Ontology Featured on Huobi Talk and Win Airdrops

Every Thursday, between the hours of 12pm and 2pm GMT+8, Huobi Pro hosts a live broadcast called Huobi Talk. The live event features several projects and their interesting ‘behind the scenes’ stories. It is usually an opportunity to have engaging conversations about blockchain and cryptocurrency and what we can expect in the future.

Considering there’s now an unlimited number of talk shows springing up daily in the space, what then makes Huobi Talk unique or even worth watching? Huobi Talk happens to be the only live crypto talk show where airdrops are done at each episode. Mainly airdrops of the featured project, but other projects could also be airdropped.

Huobi Talk

Huobi Pro, currently a member of the top three league, is a digital assets exchange platform. As a way to educate and keep exchange users informed on issues bordering on currently listed or upcoming projects, a live talk show in the form of Huobi Talk was launched. Some previously featured projects include high profile ones like NEM (XEM), Matrix (MAN), ArcBlock (ABT), Odyssey (ODN) and a host of others.

To be featured this week is Ontology (ONT) a new high-performance “Public Multi Chain Infrastructure & a Distributed Trust Collaboration Platform.” One could basically describe it as the ‘platform for all platforms’ with its Three Dimensions of Trust. The platform is made up of “a series of complete distributed ledgers and smart contract systems.” One special feature of this project is the ability to customize a public blockchain for specific use. Previously, this was only possible with purpose-built private blockchains. Also, it appears interoperability is feasible on ONT as there are plans to allow cross chain collaboration.

If you’re still looking for more info on ONT, then you don’t want to miss tomorrow’s (May 10) Huobi Talk episode. During the episodes, featured projects are allowed to shed more light on their projects, how it works and what it does, and especially answering viewer’s questions live, making for a very interactive session.

As earlier mentioned, tokens are airdropped during the show. Amount airdropped depends on the number of viewers. In this case, the more viewers, the higher the amount of tokens you can expect to be airdropped, but usually within a $5-$30 worth of tokens is airdropped to each viewer. What a cool way to acquire crypto knowledge and get paid for it!

To follow the Huobi Talk live stream, visit this link.

Important Notice

To qualify for the airdrop, you must tick all the points below

  • Obtain your Huobi UID by signing up an account at Huobi Pro.
  • Catch the show every Thursday at 12:00pm (GMT+8).
  • Post a message on the comment section of the live stream. Ensure it includes your Huobi UID and “Vote on HADAX.”
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